A Drag Queen Christmas 2023 Cast

Murray and Peter present A DRAG QUEEN CHRISTMAS, America’s longest-running drag tour, for the ninth year in a row. Prepare to be entertained by host Miz Cracker, your favourite queens performing live on stage, and a very special guest, Todrick Hall. Winners, Fan Favourites, OGs, Miss Congeniality, and queens from Season 15 and #AllStars8 are all here.

“A Drag Queen Christmas” will be at the Schuster Centre on Wednesday, Nov. 29, featuring a full cast of fan-favorite drag queens.

The performance will begin at 8 p.m. Tickets range in price from $38.50 to $252.50 and go on sale on Friday, June 9 at 10 a.m.

There will be a limited number of VIP packages available for purchase. The Super Fan VIP Experience includes a front-row ticket to the event, a pre-show photo with the cast, select souvenirs, and other incentives. The All Star VIP Package includes select items, a pre-show photo with the cast, and a premium seat for the event.

‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Season 15 cast

Sasha Colby

The House of Colby’s famous queen has arrived! Sasha is a queen to be reckoned with, well known for her legendary reign as Miss Continental and as Kerri Colby’s drag mother. This Hawaiian-born diva has been murdering drag shows for 20 years and must live up to her legendary status. Sasha is (officially) fierce, serving body, beauty, and bodacious all-around talent.


Anetra is a self-described stunt queen from Sin City who can deliver splits, dips, and all the feats needed to slay the stage. She may appear unassuming at times, yet her waters are deep. She also has great tae kwon do skills and is ready to take out all the other queens one by one. Chop until you’re blue in the face!

Luxx Noir London

Who commissioned the diva-licious dazzler? Luxx Noir London is a bubbly ingenue whose gorgeous flair is only matched by her no-holds-barred attitude. She’s never afraid to tell it like it “t-i-s!” Luxx is Season 15’s youngest queen, yet she has the courage to go all the way. Simply ask her!

Mistress Isabelle Brooks

We don’t have an issue, Houston! Mistress Isabelle Brooks is the pinnacle of genuine Southern drag, hailing from the wonderful state of Texas. She bills herself as “Houston’s Heavyweight Champ,” and believe me, she came to punch. Miss Brooks was raised in the spangled world of Texas drag and is eager to control the school. She is brave, flashy, and full of attitude.

Loosey LaDuca

Loosey LaDuca, a construction worker by day and a singing-and-dancing drag queen by night, is ready to use all of her tools to reach the top! Loosey is the ultimate mix of showgirl sass and campy appeal. She is a perfectionist as well as a dynamic performer with great curves and 12 years in the Connecticut drag scene. She is a queen with everything, but she lacks a crown to seal her position.

Salina EsTitties

Salina EsTitties is a brassy, feisty Latinx diva from Los Angeles. Salina is a no-holds-barred performer with a blazing self-described chola street flair and campy humour. This naughty sister keeps herself scheduled and active, from the pub scene to television, film and commercial work! She’s got a big drag, a big mouth, and big plans to win.

Marcia Marcia Marcia

She’s the most popular girl at school, and her mother’s favourite! Marcia, Marcia, Marcia! This New York native sings, dances, and takes Broadway skills to the main stage. She also has more than a sense that she’s ready to go all the way.

Malaysia Babydoll Foxx

Malaysia Babydoll Foxx, the amazing and inspirational Malaysian queen, is the first-ever Miami queen to grace the Drag Race mainstage! This outspoken foxy mom, a professional makeup artist and hairstylist to the stars, is bringing seasoned skills and thrills to the competition and is not hesitant to show these younger queens what true drag looks like.


Spice has arrived with her TikTok celebrity sister, Sugar, to make history as one-half of Drag Race’s first-ever identical twin contenders! These lifelike dolls are new to the stage, but they’re eager to amp up the fun and drama this season. Take note: Spice is the duo’s edgier diva, and she’s eager to show that she’s got enough flavour to stand on her own!


Jax is coming to get things going, so get ready for plenty of flips and twirls! The self-proclaimed “Simone Biles of drag” grew up performing gymnastics and competitive cheerleading, and she’s more than ready to compete for gold in the Olympics of drag. Her style is a cross of banjee and haute hip-hop honey, and she is originally from Connecticut.

Aura Mayari

It’s time to get caught up in Aura Mayari’s thrilling aura! This high-kicking, high-energy Filipina queen is well-known for slaughtering the Nashville stages. And keep an eye on her since she brings a beautiful swagger to her drag.

Robin Fierce

Make way for Robin Fierce, Connecticut’s grand diva! This unashamedly bougie beauty, a blend of Beyoncé sass and Diahann Carroll class, is ready to shine her light for the world. She may have a laid-back demeanour at times, but when she takes the stage, expect kicks and cartwheels for days!


Amethyst, a cross between a pop princess and a meme queen, is here to prove she’s both beautiful and smart — and she came to slay. Her wacky humour has earned her millions of TikTok views, and she wants to show the world why she’s the crown jewel of the Connecticut drag scene!


Sugar, the social media sensation, has arrived if you have a sweet craving! Sugar and her TikTok twin sister Spice may be a package deal, but when it comes to claiming the Drag Race championship, Sugar is ready to go it alone. But how can you tell them apart? “It’s easy,” Sugar says. “I’m the prettier one.”

Princess Poppy

Princess Poppy, straight out of a fairy tale and into San Francisco, lends both beauty and an unusual edge to the tournament. She sings, raps, acts, and dances, all while maintaining a dark sense of humour. This powerful little princess is already a TikTok sensation, but she desires a new crown.

Irene Dubois

Earthlings, take note: the Alien Queen has arrived! Irene Dubois is outspoken and out of this world, fusing Texan glam with Seattle wit and grit. Furthermore, she is Bosco’s drag sister, so expect eclectic, lavish drag with a dash of high drama!

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