Amy Schumer Emergency Contact Netflix Review

Amy Schumer’s new stand-up special “Amy Schumer: Emergency Contact” premiered on 13 June 2023 on Netflix.

The show, which Schumer directed herself, is the comedian’s third Netflix special, following “The Leather Special” in 2017 and “Growing” in 2019.

We know exactly what the special will be about the moment it begins. Interacting with the crowd is an excellent way to kick off a special. It becomes the climax of the entire show. It becomes the reoccurring joke that holds the audience’s attention. Amy Schumer has essentially created a unique experience at each site, and this tape reflects that. Her wit is hardly deadpan, but it is dry enough to make the world’s cynicism look cool.

Using maturity and age for humour is a time-honored technique. However, the way this comedian employs it makes older ladies appear cool and disinterested to the rest of the world’s pettiness. She has built a persona that towers over the rest of the audience. It’s enthralling. While her jokes aren’t really hilarious, the confidence with which she carries herself is enough for others to enjoy her stories. However, there are times when pop culture allusions are employed correctly to evoke a response.

Some of her humour is based on body autonomy and body perception. She handles situations like this with grace and sensitivity, although it could be because these tales only lasted a few seconds before she moved on to something else. She has already discussed Ozempic, the medicine that many people of Hollywood have been utilising to lose weight, in detail.

However, it was fascinating to watch her being so open about her experience as someone who has battled with something similar. The humorous timing, punchlines, and plot structure are all very typical of the sketch comedy genre. Given Amy Schumer’s tenure on Saturday Night Live (SNL), this is definitely bringing back memories. Her performance is fantastic, and her ability to enlist the help of the crew has been the icing on the cake.

The message is the medium, and her use of the media has been interesting, but it doesn’t translate well when it comes to her humour. In terms of the laugh-out-loud metre, some of her anecdotes are emotive and hard-hitting. The remainder of her performance felt like listening to a friend discuss their day. While they are quite humorous, they do not usually require a burst of raucous laughing.

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