Anupama Today Episode 6 June 2023

Kinjal remarks to Dimpy that she looks lovely as a bride. Dimpy expresses gratitude. Kinjal claims she entered the Shah residence not as Anupama’s DIL but as her daughter, hence she wants Dimpy to be her sister rather than SIL. Dimpy remembers Barkha’s instruction to not become helpless DILs like Anupama, Kavya, and Kinjal and to stand up for herself; she may act good while hiding her actual face. Kinjal teaches her not to be egoistic and to accept her in-laws as family, forgetting about their problems.

Dimpy believes Kinjal is sweet, but she is not, and she will not change her mind. Leela watches Meenu serving juice to guests with Bhairavi and invites her to play. She requests that Bhairavi offer juice to the guests. Kanta notices and dispatches Bhairavi to play with Meenu. She asks Leela why she distinguishes between Meenu and Bhairavi. Leela describes Meenu as a friend, but Bharairavi is a stranger. Kanta believes she should distinguish between children.

Anupama overhears their chat and informs Leela that she performs one good and ten terrible jobs in a day. Leela requests that Bhairavi sell veggies. Anupama claims that Bhairavi sells vegetables to maintain her self-esteem and willingly assists them with housework, but that this does not mean she should be forced to work; Bhairavi, like Pari and Meenu, is their daughter. Kanta claims that Bhairavi is moving to America owing to her fate rather than their favour. Anupama claims Leela has already treated Little Anu.

Leela claims Anupama makes the same mistakes over and over and brings strangers home who later turn on her. Strangers, according to Kanta, are better than Leela; nobody will inflict them the anguish she and Vanraj brought them in seven incarnations; Bhairavi respects and loves Anupama, which Leela cannot even imagine. Anupama, according to Leela, brought Maaya home, who took over Anupama’s residence and made Anupama homeless. Kanta claims Anupama is not homeless and that her mother’s house is hers.

Anupama encourages Leela to relax and enjoy her grandson’s wedding. Leela says she can’t enjoy herself since she doesn’t want the wedding to happen, she despises Dimpy dragon and cannot stand her, Anupama is departing for the United States, and Dimpy dragon is accompanying them. Kanta wonders why she doesn’t cancel the wedding and take Samar home, and if she can’t, why doesn’t she yell at a corner and save them. Leela claims she communicated her sorrow to her as a dear one. Anupama tells Kanta to relax because Leela will not change.

Leela walks away, babbling. She discovers two strangers wearing veils and accuses them of stealing jewellery or coming for free food. She opens their bag and discovers a bridal veil and kaleerein/bangles inside. Dimpy recognises the items and the woman as her mother and sobs while hugging her mother.

Dimpy’s wedding is finally complete, according to Anupama, and she apologises to Dimpy’s mother for misjudging her. She asks to attend her daughter’s bidayi and then leaves. Dimpy and her mother continue to cry and hug one other. In the background, a folk tune is playing. Mother then adjusts her veil and bangles. Samar is introduced to her mother by Dimpy. Samar places his hand on his mother’s feet. Mother pulls him aside and introduces him as her SIL. Anupama claims that her SIL is also her son. Samar bends her knees. Samar, according to Leela, was Dimpy’s Dampu before becoming her mother’s puppet.

Anupama, Vanraj, and Anuj apologised for evaluating her incorrectly. Mother claims it was her fault that she came here concealing her identity. Leela inquires as to why she felt the need to conceal her face. Mother expresses regret for failing to help her daughter when necessary. She recounts how her husband is still upset at Dimpy, but as a mother, she couldn’t help herself and came to her daughter’s wedding. Leela claims she is well-mannered and should have taught Dimpy some manners. Dimpy’s mother inquires whether he did anything wrong. Anupama remains silent. Hasmukh instructs Samar and Dimpy to enter the mandap. Mother claims to have given birth to Dimpy, but Anupama is the true mother.

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