After a Bengaluru techie drowns in a flooded subway, a FIR is lodged.

In a police complaint, the family of a 23-year-old software engineer who died after the MUV she was riding in became immersed in the flooded KR Circle subway claims that the driver of the MUV and BBMP authorities’ incompetence were to blame for the woman’s passing.

In response to a complaint made by the dead Bathula Bhanu Rekha’s older brother, Halasurgate police have launched a case against the relevant BBMP employees and MUV driver Harish Gowda.

Rekha’s older brother Bathula Sandeep, according to a senior police officer, has made a complaint. The IPC section 304 A charge of negligence causing death applies to the case. “We will write to the BBMP to get the names of the relevant authorities so that we can take any additional necessary action. The process to apprehend the motorist, Gowda, is still underway, the officer stated.

Another senior officer stated that because IPC section 304 A is a bailable offence, the accused parties are qualified for station bail.

Sandeep’s complaint contains no accusations against the hospital. Police checked the hospital’s CCTV after some individuals claimed that medics failed to treat her for about 15 minutes.

According to a senior officer, the auto-rickshaw arrived at the hospital around 4.09 p.m. Rekha was riding in the car with Sandeep. The hospital professionals arrived with the necessary tools in about a minute, performed an ECG on her inside the auto-rickshaw, and pronounced her dead.

Rekha was brought inside the hospital and placed on a bed after a short while. Although the physicians had already declared her dead, a few members of the local media and an auto rickshaw driver falsely claimed that they were treating her. The officer also said that required action would be taken if the family members complained about the doctors.

After a post-mortem at Victoria Hospital, Rekha’s body was given to the family while an ongoing investigation was conducted.

Rekha, who had been employed by Infosys for almost a year, was taking her family on a tour of the area. Her family had travelled from Andhra Pradesh to stay at Rekha’s home in Pragathi Nagar, which is close to Electronics City. Rekha rented a Mahindra Xylo on Sunday and drove her family—including her mother, brother, aunt, and two nieces—out. After spending some time exploring Vidhana Soudha, the High Court, and the neighbourhood, they were on their way to Corporation Circle when the MUV sank in the flooded subway at KR Circle.

The driver, Harish Gowda, told the police that he had advised the family to take the route next to the flyover but that they had insisted on using the underpass. Another senior officer added, “We are checking his claims.”

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