Bhagyalakshmi Written Update 6 June 2023

Bhagya Lakshmi 6th June 2023: Rishi gets hurt hearing Lakshmi’s words

The episode begins with Dadi inquiring about Neelam’s engagement plans. According to Neelam, everything will be completed on time. Dadi inquires as to her well-being, stating that her blood pressure has risen and that I may say whatever to her. Neelam claims you are older than me and have the authority to say whatever you want. She claims that everything will be alright shortly and that all of her problems will be resolved.

Dadi explains that they intended Lakshmi to stay as their bahu and that since she will be leaving soon, they want her to marry and depart. Virender promises he’ll take care of everything. Ayush asks Rishi what he would do if he found out that Vikrant is a bad guy. Rishi declares that he would fight everyone and will not allow the marriage to take place. Ayush claims you are thinking this way because you love her. He informs him that Lakshmi is more than his Bhabhi; she is his sister and a mother figure to him, and he will not let anything bad happen to her.

Shalu has returned home. Rano mocks her for donating lakhs to charity. Shalu inquires, “What are you saying?” Rano claims that Ayush gave you a chain, but you rejected, claiming that you would have accepted it and given it to me or Neha. Shalu inquires, “What are you saying?” Rano mocks and insults her for receiving free food. Shalu becomes agitated and retreats to his room with Bani. She tells Bani everything and claims Vikrant is a big cheat and that Jiju didn’t believe us and reprimanded us, and has scolded Ayush a lot. Bani says her engagement is tomorrow. Shalu claims she is unhappy because they have no proof.

Rishi is sound asleep in his room. Lakshmi shows up. Rishi stands up and lands on her. She requests that he maintain his foot on his toes. He claims to be feeling better. Lakshmi inquires as to if he followed her. Rishi says yes before making a reason. Lakshmi requests that he tell the truth.

Ayush informs Bani and Shalu that they would not allow Vikrant to marry Lakshmi. He adds he doesn’t know when Rishi will marry Lakshmi, but for the time being, she will not marry Vikrant. He claims that if we discover that girl, we would be able to end the marriage. Shalu claims to have seen that girl before.

Lakshmi wants Rishi to stop worrying about her and to leave her to her fate. Rishi says no way. Lakshmi says you want me to marry, while on the other hand, you are against it. Ayush inquires of Shalu, “Where did you see this girl?” Shalu claims that I had the impression that I had seen her. Bani requests that he guarantee that nothing bad would happen to Lakshmi. Ayush claims Lakshmi is more to him than his mother and that he will not allow her to marry.

Rishi asks Lakshmi if she wants him to tell her what’s on her mind. Lakshmi replies she doesn’t want to know and claims that Vikrant also cares for her. He told her everything, she claims. Rishi believes he messaged him and inquires as to what he said. Lakshmi recalls and informs him that Vikrant asked me if I was doing this marriage on my own volition. She requests that he quit worrying about her.

Shalu informs Ayush that he is a blessing from Lakshmi. Ayush claims that Lakshmi is a blessing that no one in the family understands. Rishi gazes at the moon and exclaims, “I love you so much, how can I leave you?” Lakshmi glances to the moon and says they aren’t meant to be together. Rishi thinks he could erase all of his errors and claim her as his. He tells me not to leave.

Dadi inquires about Lakshmi’s happiness and expresses her desire for her to be happy. She informs you that today is your engagement to Vikrant. Anjana questions Vikrant about why he is going to work today, given that it is his engagement. He says he is engaged. He claims to have some job and that he will complete it. Saloni arrives, declares that she has completed the work, and departs. Anjana requests that Vikrant not go today. He agrees and embraces her. Lakshmi requests that Mukesh bring her a new dinner set and that she take the rice box. She takes the rice box, and the knife from the top rack is going to fall on her.

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