Cast of Missing 2023

Missing is a standalone sequel to the 2018 smash Searching, directed by Nicholas D. Johnson and Will Merrick. Although the plot does not continue from the previous film, the film is a screen-life thriller with many of the same themes.

Although Sony Pictures released Missing in theatres in January, movie has now appeared on Netflix, where a slew of new fans are lapping up the fast-paced, mysterious action.

Cast of Missing 2023

    Storm Reid as June

    Storm Reid

    A senior in high school from Van Nuys, California. While her mother is in Colombia, she throws a house party. With the help of an internet friend, June discovers a kidnapping conspiracy.

    Nia Long as Grace Allen

    Nia Long

    June’s mother’s name. She is a Siri-dependent woman who appears to spend her vacations in Colombia. Grace is abducted by June’s father.

    Joaquim de Almeida as Javi

    Joaquim de Almeid

    A freelancer from Colombia. He assists June in her investigation into her mother’s disappearance. Javi considers his estranged son.

    Ken Leung as Kevin

    Ken Leung

    June’s mother’s lover. He is a con artist who appears to be trying to change his life. Kevin conspires with his girlfriend’s ex-lover.

    Amy Landecker as Heather

    Amy Landecker

    June’s mother’s buddy. She is a lawyer who specialises in custody disputes. Heather has a relationship with Kevin.

    Tim Griffin as James

    Tim Griffin

    June’s father James. He is a drug addict in recovery who served time in a Texas prison. Kevin and James conspire.

    Other Cast

    Daniel Henney as Agent Park

    Megan Suri as Veena

    Ava Zaria Lee as Young June

    Lisa Yamada as Alison

    Sharar Ali-Speakes as Tia

    Jameel Shivji as Karthik

    Michael Segovia as Angel

    Lauren B. Mosley as Rachel

    Briana McLean as Abigail Nielson

    Roy Abramsohn as Jason Caplan

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