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Camila opens her profile on dating app in search of the man of her dreams. She meets a really attractive man named Fernando. He is not, however, single or named Fernando. Camila gets caught in a trap, and everything turns into a nightmare.

“Willing to go to any length to find out who the man she met is, the young woman desperately seeks the cheater’s true identity and makes him pay for each lie he told her and promise he made one by one.” Camila had no idea that she is about to enter an elaborate maze of deceptive appearances, illicit sex, and killing abilities.”

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    Carolina Miranda as Camila Román

    Carolina Miranda plays Camila, ‘a cabaret dancer who swipes right on a cosmetic surgeon’ – but after they fall in love and begin a long distance relationship, she decides to pay him a surprise visit in Colombia, only to discover that he’s been disguising his true identity.

    Camila is certainly not one to take it lying down, as she plans to move in next door to her lying lover in order to make him pay. Things take a turn for the worse as she “falls into a tangled web of deceit.”

    Miranda is most recognised for her roles in television dramas like La Mujer del Diablo, Who Killed Sara?, and Lady of Steel.

    Rodolfo Salas as Fernando Castell

    Rodolfo Salas plays Fernando/Miguel, an attractive and intelligent man who falls in love with Camila. But, as she discovers, he’s been living a double life and harbours some dark secrets that she’s desperate to expose.

    Salas, like Miranda, has been in a number of TV productions, including the soap operas Médicos Lnea De Vida and Betty en NY.

    Manuela González as Ángela Ferrer

    Ángela, Miguel’s wife and mother to their two children, is played by Manuela González. She’s also the heir to her father’s empire, Pedro, who happens to be the owner of the fancy flat Camila moves into.

    González has also appeared in several telenovelas, including En Los Tacones De Eva and Mentiras Perfectas.

    Víctor Mallarino as Pedro

    Pedro, the head of a corporate empire and the father of Angela and Adrian, is played by Victor Mallarino. He enjoys playing hardball, and as the season progresses, so does the mystery around his motivations.

    Mallarino began acting at the age of five, and his recent credits include The Man From Rome, Filthy Envy, and Now and Then. He’s also directed episodes for TV shows like Heart’s Decree, Celia, and Los Graduados.

    Mauricio Hénao as Adrian

    Adrian, Pedro’s pleasant son who opens a restaurant and is in a relationship with Cristobal, is played by Mauricio Henao.

    Henao has also appeared in the films Jesus of Nazareth, Lady of Steel, The Tempest, La Impostora, and Panama, to name a few.

    Lincoln Palomeque as David

    Lincoln Palomeque stars in the Fake Profile cast as David, the man Camila hires to masquerade as her fake husband when she moves into the flat next to Miguel – but will their arrangement remain simple when the falsehoods begin to unravel?

    Palomeque’s acting credits include roles in TV shows such as La Reina del Sur and Lady of Steel, as well as films such as Jesus of Nazareth and Flow Calle.

    Jair Romero as Cristobal

    Cristobal, Adrian’s aforementioned partner, is played by Jair Romero in the Fake Profile cast.

    Romero has appeared in films such as El Joe, Beats of Love, and Esa Noche.

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