He Just Ate My A He Wanna Switch Lyrics

B**ch, it’s Suki with good cat (The good motherf**kin’ cat)
Yeah, y’all hoes know my f**kin’ name, b**ch (B**ch, you know my motherf**kin’ name ho)
Yeah (Stop playin’ with me, b**ch), Suki

I take yo’ n**ga, put this p**sy on his tongue (On his tongue)
Deep-throatin’ d**k, I got cum all in my lungs (In my lungs)
And you know he chew this a**, don’t be dumb (Don’t be dumb)
I got n**gas tryna pay to eat this p**sy out my thong (Yeah)
D**k all in my b**ty hole, I finna get my a** bleached
I don’t want yo’ kids, n**ga, put ’em on my a** cheeks (Yeah)
‘Cause I’m triflin’, 40 Glock on my nightstand
Roll up his backwood before he put that pipe in (F**k me n**ga)
B**ch, I’m bustin’ juggs in a Hellcat (Skrrt)
In the backseat, gettin’ f**ked from the back (From the back)
Don’t be scared, n**ga, you know I got that good cat (Know I got that good cat)
You better break a b**ch off, Kit-Kat (Kit-Kat)
I just want a big d**k in my еsophagus (Esophagus)
These n**gas love mе ’cause I’m pretty and I’m chocolate (And I’m chocolate)
He just popped a Perc’ 30, got that perky d**k
And my rent due, b**ch, you know I’m takin’ d**k
I’m hot in the ‘tel (‘Tel) and I’m sellin’ ‘tel (‘Tel)
B**ch, I’m drunk as hell (Hell), where is the rotel (‘Tel) dip?
I need some rotel d**k (I need some motherf**kin’ rotel d**k)
B**ch, you know I’m strapped with a stick (Doo-doo-doo)
Every Glock I got got a switch (Grrah, grrah)
B**ch, stop the car, I gotta p**s (I gotta p**s, ho)
He just ate my a**, he wanna switch (He wanna switch)
Now I’m eatin’ his a**
Eatin’ his a**, eatin’ a n**ga a**
Eatin’ a n**ga a**, we be eatin’ n**gas a**

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