How to Block Unknown WhatsApp Calls

Receiving WhatsApp calls from International numbers can be dangerous. If you are receiving WhatsApp call from International numbers, be careful as it could be a scam.

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used social media application for chatting and keeping in touch with loved ones in the modern digital age. But there is a price to pay, since this application has often been used by fraudsters to target unsuspecting consumers. Increasingly, scammers are taking advantage of WhatsApp users to defraud them.

WhatsApp Fraud Calls: Several WhatsApp users are receiving unauthorised calls from foreign numbers from countries such as Ethiopia (+251), Malaysia (+60), Indonesia (+62), Kenya (+254), Vietnam (+84), and other countries.

What you need to realise is that, as we all know, WhatsApp calls come via the internet, therefore these code numbers don’t always indicate that the calls are coming from these countries. According to reports, agencies sell these foreign numbers to fraudsters throughout the nation.

On the microblogging website Twitter, the new scam has just been brought to the attention by multiple individuals.

How to Stay safe from Unknown WhatsApp Calls

Such calls should be ignored, and WhatsApp users should never indulge them. Additionally, WhatsApp users have the option to block and report these numbers. You must first establish a chat with the contact in order to block these unknown numbers on WhatsApp, then select More > Block > Block. The contact can then be reported by pressing Report contact > Block.

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