The Narcissist and his Wife Netflix

Unstable is an American workplace comedy series produced by Netflix that stars Rob Lowe and his son John Owen Lowe, who also serve as executive producers alongside Victor Fresco. On March 30, 2023, the series launched on Netflix.

With a name like Ellis Dragon, you know the man is going to be a character. Unstable is a new Netflix comedy starring Rob Lowe as the aforementioned Ellis Dragon, a bright, deeply strange, “narcissist-adjacent” biotech entrepreneur who sincerely believes he can make the world a better place. What keeps Ellis Dragon from being as ludicrous as his name is that he is a genius who is attempting to better the world. Sugar-cane-based plastic, carbon-capturing concrete, and a bruiseless avocado are among his inventions.

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Ellis’ problem is that he’s lost his mojo, and his antics are beginning to scare his company’s board of directors. What he needs is new ideas and a firm hand, and he looks to his son, Jackson, who has grown up in his father’s shadow. Jackson Dragon is the polar opposite of his father: meek, low-key, and prone to second-guessing himself. However, he may be just what Ellis, his firm, and the globe require.

Unstable is the work of the Lowe father-and-son team and Victor Fresco, and it has already received rave reviews. The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, The Los Angeles Times, The Chicago-Sun Times, and other publications are all abuzz over what the Lowes and Fresco have concocted. THR’s Angie Han nails it when she compares Unstable to one of Fresco’s previous series, Better Off Ted: “Unstable does, however, share with Better Off Ted its single most appealing quality — namely, the fact that it’s very, very funny, thanks to a crackling combination of sharp writing, lovably eccentric characters, and snappy comedic timing.”

Checking out the two Lowes and the rest of the great group, which includes Sian Clifford, Aaron Branch, Emma Ferreira, and Rachel Marsh, seems like a very safe bet.

Ellis Dragon is a much admired, eccentric, narcissist-adjacent biotech entrepreneur aiming to improve the world. He’s also in emotional turmoil. Jackson Dragon, his son, is none of those things. Can Jackson preserve Ellis and his firm, as well as their broken relationship, while also attempting the almost impossible task of escaping the shadow of his larger-than-life father?

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