The Surrogacy Netflix Cast | Madre De Alquiler Netflix Cast Season 1

Netflix’s The Surrogacy (Madre De Alquiler) dives into the ethical and emotional difficulties of surrogacy. The Surrogacy will be available on Netflix on June 14, 2023, at 3:01 a.m. This gripping Mexican drama transports viewers on an exciting journey as a woman’s altruistic act flips her life upside down.

Araceli Guajardo’s The Surrogacy offers a brilliant cast that includes Shani Lozano, Luis Ernesto Franco, Marcela Guirado, and Leticia Calderón.

Shani Lozano as Yeni

Shani Lozano

Leticia Calderón

Leticia Calderón

Marcela Guirado

Marcela Guirado

Luis Ernesto Franco as Carlos

Luis Ernesto Franco

Other Cast

  • Vanesa Restrepo as Luci
  • Minnie West
  • Alejandro de la Madrid
  • Emmanuel Orenday
  • Camila Selser
  • Manuel Balbi
  • Alejandro Oliva as Elvin
  • Fernanda Borches
  • Miguel López Loredo as Reportero
  • Cecilia Toussaint
  • Omar Germenos
  • Marieli Gómez as Vecina
  • Giovanni Conconi as Nico Huizar

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