Who is Parrot on Masked Singer

On “The Masked Singer,” the Macaw can be seen. On Season 9 of “The Masked Singer,” the Macaw is the new front-runner. Although the bird’s identity won’t be revealed for at least a little while, fans are confident about the identity of the vibrant parrot.

On the country music-themed edition of “The Masked Singer” airing on Wednesday, the Macaw made his television debut by singing Tim McGraw’s “Live Like You Were Dying.”

The Macaw is unquestionably former “American Idol” contestant David Archuleta, we are confident of it. Don’t trust us? Consider how many of the indications correspond to David Archuleta’s life, in addition to the fact that the Macaw sounds exactly like him.

David Archuleta

First off, he came in second place during the seventh season of that reality talent show in 2008 (which explains the silver medal that country singer Deana Carter held out as the last hint for Macaw).

Before becoming famous on “American Idol,” Archuleta participated in “Star Search,” a TV talent competition, and won the title of Junior Vocal Champion at the age of 12. The opening image of the clues package features a picture of Macaw inside a television, and he mentions that he has been acting since he was a young child. Like Macaw, David’s father would entice him to perform in front of others by promising a Mexican lunch.

Archuleta, who participated on “American Idol” when he was just 17 years old, has been vocal about the pressure it put him under ever since. Macaw acknowledged needing a break from the spotlight and mentioned having anxiety and panic attacks.

Macaw rejoices in its success after selling enough copies of Archuleta’s self-titled debut album to get a gold certification.

Archuleta came out as gay in 2021, and he has expressed his challenges to reconcile his sexuality with his faith and family life. Macaw acknowledges that he has just lately made the decision to be fearless in his own life.

Only after Macaw is revealed will we know for sure if we are correct that he is David Archuleta. When he fails to win a vote or the contest, that will occur. Do you believe Macaw is who he truly is, as we claim? Share your best theories in the comments area.

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